Before their Tuesday night gig in Charleston, SC, bassist Mike Gordon and keyboardist Robert Walter surprised a number of local musicians, including members of Doom Flamingo, at a local watering hole.

“‘Mash Monday’ at Bar Mash is the musician hang in Charleston, its where we experiment, ‘get weird’ no holds barred,” DF keyboardist Ross Bogan explains. “Mike was really cool, hanging in the back and listening. We were about to start packing up and him and Robert wanted to jam one. I got to sit back and watch two of my musical heroes jam with my best friends.”

Ultimately, the jam session featured Gordon, Walter and Bogan, as well as fellow Doom Flamingo members Mike Quinn (sax), Thomas Kenney (guitar) and Stuart White (drums.) Bassist Alex Keller of Terraphonics was also performing.

Watch clips of the laid-back performance below: