Today, Aqueous surprised fans with the unexpected release of a new live album, Element Pt. III, the latest in a series of live releases from the Upstate New York jam outfit.

“This live compilation includes some of the best songs and moments from our time on the road last fall,” says guitarist/keyboardist Dave Loss of Element Pt. III, which takes from Aqueous’ tour in support of studio album Color Wheel. “Many of these tracks are ‘fan-favorites’—ones that fans have repeatedly talked about or shared with one another. Others are just simply ones we enjoyed! Together, all of the selections on this release represent the great energy and excitement we experienced while on tour.”

Listen to Element Pt. III below and via streaming services. Aqueous are currently on tour with Big Something, playing next in Bloomington, IN, on Feb. 7. See their full schedule here.



Element Pt. III Tracklist:

1. Origami (11.3.18 Philadelphia, PA)
2. Underlyer (11.30.18 Milwaukee, WI)
3. Josie (12.6.18 Frisco, CO)
4. Realize Your Light (11.2.18 Washington, DC)
5. Numbers and Facts (11.2.18 Washington, DC)
6. Mandela Effect (11.30.18 Milwaukee, WI)
7. Kitty Chaser (11.29.18 Chicago, IL)
8. Split the Difference (12.11.18 Omaha, NE)
9. Skyway (11.30.18 Milwaukee, WI)
10. 20/20 (12.6.18 Frisco, CO)