Oregon State University has announced it will be hosting an interdisciplinary conference dubbed Phish Studies in the spring, and the college is calling for submissions for presentation and panel discussion proposals to fill out the conference’s three-day schedule.

According to the OSU’s preliminary description, this will be “the first peer-reviewed academic conference devoted to the music and fan culture of the improvisational rock band Phish” and will delve into topics like music and lyrics, elements of live performance, fan culture, business and quantitative analysis (setlists, fan ratings, etc.).

Read more about the OSU’s plan for the conference here. Those interested in submitting proposals are asked to present a 250-500–word abstract detailing either a 20-minute individual presentation or a 90-minute panel with a minimum of three presenters.

“Phish Studies: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Band, its Music, and its Fans” is set for May 17–19, 2019, on Oregon State’s campus in Corvallis, OR.