A new documentary about the life and music of legendary Beach Boys co-founder and principal songwriter, Brian Wilson, has been announced. Written and directed by the team of Jason Fine (Rolling Stone editor and longtime friend of Wilson) and Brent Wilson (no relation), the film will feature the reclusive and reticent musician examining his legacy at length, looking back fondly on his many musical successes and facing his continued struggles with mental illness.

The film also features interviews with musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Jim James, Jakob Dylan, Nick Jonas, Taylor Hawkins, Gustavo Dudamel and Bob Gaudio about Wilson’s impact and ongoing influence on the world of songwriting. The real draw, however, is the inclusion of unreleased demos, rare tracks and photos from Wilson’s own archive that promise to paint a more intimate picture of the often misunderstood artist. Wilson also wrote and recorded new material for the film and performs it on camera in new studio sessions.

As a press release explains, “Brian takes viewers on an emotional road trip into his past, as they tour Brian’s hometown of Los Angeles and revisit the locations that shaped his remarkable story. With stunning honesty, humor, and pathos, each mile traveled between these two reveals Brian in a way never before seen.”

Tim Headington (The Aviator, Argo and Hugo) and ex-music industry insider Theresa Steele co-produced the film. No title or release date for the documentary has been announced.