Photo by Carly Cristello/Snappin Necks Photography


On Nov. 10, Dave Matthews Band trumpeter Rashawn Ross joined his friends in the Slightly Stoopid horn section for the band’s entire performance. Additionally, DMB saxophonist Jeff Coffin joined the party for a number of tunes, including three tunes in the band’s encore.

After opening the show with “False Rhythms” and “Hold On To The One,” Slightly Stoopid jumped into a jammy “Don’t Stop”> “Don’t Care” segment. Later, they paid tribute to Tom Petty with a cover of “You Don’t Know How It Feels” as well as reggae-pop innovators UB40 with a version of “Sing Our Own Song.”

Coffin made his first appearance on Slightly Stoopid’s Top Of The World cut “Devil’s Door.” Later in the set, reggae vocalist Hirie also sang on the track “Mona June.”

The band closed their single set with Don Carlos’ “Never Gonna Give Up,” and Coffin returned for most of the encore.

Slightly Stoopid and Ross jammed on “Punisher” before Coffin joined in for “Underneath The Pressure,” “Closer To The Sun” and ‘Till It Gets Wet.”

Slightly Stoopid released their newest LP Everyday Life, Everyday People in July, and you can find the band’s full list of tour dates on their website.

Check out the full setlist below:

Slightly Stoopid
November 10, 2018
The Cowan, Nashville

False Rhythms, Hold On To The One, Don’t Stop —>Don’t Care, If You Want It, The Prophet, Fire Below, You Don’t Know How It Feels+, Up On A Plane, Sing Our Own Song#, Train, Devil’s Door *, Officer, Too Late, Del Roy –>2am, London Cool%, No One Stops Us Now, Mona June~, Hold It Down, Never Gonna Give Up$

Enc: Punisher, Underneath The Pressure*, Closer To The Sun*, ’Til It Gets Wet *


Full Set With Rashawn Ross
+ Tom Petty cover
# UB40 cover
* with Jeff Coffin
% Yellowman cover
~ with Hirie
$Don Carlos Cover