Aron Magner, best known for his keyboard work with The Disco Biscuits, will return to his jazz-piano roots with a new trio, SPAGA, which features bassist Jason Fratecelli and drummer Matt Scarano.

The Philadelphia-centric jazz trio will play its first show as part of a special culinary event at Hill Girt Farm in Chadds Ford, PA, in collaboration with chef Yehuda Sichel. More information on the event, which is set for October 5, can be found here.

In a statement about SPAGA, which is also Magner’s nickname and the title of an early Biscuits tune, the keyboardist explains that he finally “accepted the challenge” from friends to do a piano album, causing him to team up with Fratecelli and Scarano for the trio’s upcoming record, which is expected in early 2019. Magner also explains his choice of Hill Girt Farm for SPAGA’s debut performance and his friendship with Chef Sichel. Read the full statement below, and learn more about SPAGA here.

It all started when magical seeds were planted into my head by multiple friends, musicians, and industry associates to do a piano album. I finally accepted the challenge and after two years, I am proud to announce this new project; an acoustic trio of grand piano, upright bass and drums. A full length album is scheduled for release in early 2019.

As I began thinking of a venue for the fist perfomance of this new project, I wanted it to be vibey and fun. Having the debut performance in the Philadelphia region was important to me, as this album’s production was a local production. The musicians are all prominent Philly based musicians. The studio (Range Records) is a neighborhood studio. The principle engineer on the album, Will Maher, my right hand man and co-pilot, began splitting his time between the studio and a friend’s farm. He would come back to the studio on Monday, after hauling bins of fresh picked watermelon and cantaloupe, with stories and pictures.

A prominent fixture on the farm is the barn, a structure that dates back to the 1600’s (with updates since) where they began doing summer Field to Fork dinners with local chefs using fresh vegetables grown on farm. This is where I decided to do the first performance of this new project. The juxtaposition of bringing a grand piano into a barn was appealing to me, as its complimentary to the setting, yet simultaneously makes no sense without context.

Chef Yehuda Sichel and I first met at his restaurant, Abe Fisher, a few years ago. We have a mutual admiration for each other’s craft. I am thrilled to pair his culinary creations with my music as part of this event in an incredibly serene setting.

Aron Magner