_Michael Bloom_

Veteran experimental trio Medeski, Martin & Wood are teaming up with modern orchestral collective Alarm Will Sound for a new album, Omnisphere, set for release on September 14 via MMW’s Indirecto Records.

The two avant-garde-leaning outfits came together in 2015 at Denver’s Newman Center for a live performance, with seven tracks ending up on the album, including two songs taken from MMW’s 2004 album End of the World Party (Just in Case) and arranged by Alarm Will Sound members.

“The more we worked together, the more I realized how perfect this is. How they are, for their universe, very much like us,” keyboardist John Medeski says. “We have a certain connection that’s like family and they’re like a family, so it’s like these two families coming together.”

Lead single “End of the World Party” premiered today via Downbeat and can be heard below. Pre-order Omnisphere here, and see the tracklist below the song stream.

Omnisphere Tracklist

1. “Kid Tao Mammal (Unworldliness Weirdo)”
2. “Anoymous Skulls”
3. “Coral Sea”
4. “Oh Ye Of Little Faith… (Do You Know Where Your Children Are?)”
5. “Eye Of Ra”
6. “Northern Lights”
7. “End Of The World Party”