_Photo by Patrick Jordan, via Phish From The Road Instagram_

Phish’s second night of Summer Tour was prefaced by a subtle brush with law enforcement.

After fans left empty cans and other litter around Lake Tahoe’s Outdoor Arena on Tuesday night, the local police department called the band out on Twitter, saying “The City will be working hard to cleanup the aftermath of the @phish concert.”

The band promptly replied on Twitter before night two, telling fans, “As summer tour gets underway, please remember to respect the communities and venues that host us all by cleaning up after yourselves and others. Use proper receptacles for garbage and recycling. Please be considerate and appreciative to local residents and businesses.”

Regardless, Phish’s second night in Tahoe provided plenty of fun for those in attendance. They kicked things off with reliable opener “AC/DC Bag,” with a large portion of the audience happy to sing along to the lyric “Let’s get this show on the road.”

Following a “Martian Monster” and the Fishman favorite “Ass Handed,” the band played newer jam vehicle “Everything’s Right” into “555.”

Later, fans welcomed the return of “Lawn Boy” (the first since the band’s epic “Is This Still Lawn Boy?” journey over their Baker’s Dozen residency).

The band closed set one with a nice “Theme From The Bottom”> “Bathtub Gin” segment.

Phish proved they were in fighting shape in the second half, starting with a meaty “Down with Disease”> “What’s the Use?”> “Blaze On”> “I Always Wanted It This Way”> “Joy” jam. Interestingly, this marked the sixth ever performance of the Page McConnell-penned, Big Boat track “I Always Wanted It This Way.”

After taking a quick breather Phish jumped right back into a long segment of “Limb By Limb” (complete with an “Iron Man” tease), followed by “Also Sprach Zarathustra”> “You Enjoy Myself.”

They encored with a raucous “Suzy Greenberg.”

Next up on Phish Summer Tour is three nights at The Gorge in Washington State from July 20-22.

Check out the full setlist below:

July 18, 2018
Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys

Set I: AC/DC Bag, Martian Monster, Ass Handed, Everything’s Right > 555, The Wedge, Lawn Boy, Back on the Train, Ocelot, My Sweet One, Theme From the Bottom > Bathtub Gin

Set II: Down with Disease > What’s the Use? > Blaze On > I Always Wanted It This Way > Joy, Limb By Limb > Also Sprach Zarathustra > You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Suzy Greenberg

Source: Phish.net

_Photo by Rene Huemer, via Phish’s Instagram page._