Interacting with fans via Instagram’s new “Ask me a question” feature, guitarist Eric Krasno revealed that there could be a Soulive tour in the works.

“2019 is the 20th [anniversary of Soulive]!” Kraz wrote on July 12 to a curious fan. “Hoping we will get out on the road then.”

The band recently released Cinematics Vol. 1, their first batch of new music in six years, and while they supported the EP with a couple of shows at Pennsylvania’s Ardmore Music Hall and a number of performances overseas, there hasn’t been a proper Soulive US tour in some time.

Recently all three members of Soulive spoke to Relix about Cinematics Vol. 1, and Krasno described how the band tries to stay loose in an industry that often applies pressure on artists to constantly create.

“We’re at a place right now where we just want to make great music and put it out when and how we want to,” he said. “We’re not trying to get on the pop charts or anything so, for us, it’s a freeing feeling to just be creative and put it out, and not put too much expectation on it—just try to make it something that we would really enjoy listening to ourselves.”

For now, a Soulive tour is still a rumor, but signs appear to be pointing toward a proper outing in 2019.

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