_Julia Mordaunt_

Keyboardist Robert Walter will release a new album with his 20th Congress band, Spacesuit, on September 21 via Royal Potato Family.

Along with Walter—who also co-founded The Greyboy Allstars and tours with Phish’s Mike Gordon’s solo band—the current iteration of 20th Congress features drummer Simon Lott, bassist Victor Little and guitarist Chris Alford.

“I wanted to break myself out of writing music about music,” Walter says in a press release. “I remember when I was a kid I loved all the mysterious qualities about science fiction, comic books and movies. I started looking at those kinds of things, trying to find something to get influenced by other than musical genre worship. I always want to make the record that I wish I found going through the record stacks. I love the idea of trying to create an imaginary film or a record from 1972 that you wish you could buy.”

The band has also shared lead single “Current Futures,” which can be heard below, and launched a Kickstarter campaign for the album with a number of pre-order merch options.

Spacesuit Tracklist:

1. Spacesuit
2. Nerva & Dumbo
3. Posthuman
4. 13th Key
5. Emanate
6. Modifier
7. Chalk Giant
8. Current Futures
9. Most Of All Of Us