Indie duo Rubblebucket have announced a new album, entitled Sun Machine.

Explaining the title in an official statement, Kalmia Traver said, “It’s a reference to the sun as this abundant natural resource we all have available to us-but it’s also about the inner sun, the magma in our hearts. When you can access that, you’re able to get through really hard moments, and evolve and develop creatively.”

Not only is this the band’s first outing with the Grand Jury label, but it’s their first release following their decision to “consciously uncouple.” However, they remain creative partners, co-writing and co-producing Sun Machine together.

“Kal and I are both jazz musicians, and jazz is very much driven by improvisation-it’s about getting in touch with that inner spontaneity, where you’re channeling ideas rather than thinking them up,” Toth said. “There’s a lot of moments on this album that happened from us being in a trance-like zone, and coming up with weird sounds in the middle of the recording, sometimes by accident.”

Watch the music video for the record’s first single “Fruity” below.

Pre-order Sun Machine here.

For more information on Rubblebucket, including tour dates, check out their official website.