New Orleans pianist and singer Jon Cleary, who was born in England but has been adopted as one of the resident torch-bearers of the storied traditions of Crescent City music, will release his new album, Dyna-Mite, on July 13 via Thirty Tigers.

The record, which follows up Cleary’s 2015 Grammy-winning effort GoGo Juice, continues the musician’s penchant for bouncy, upbeat, R&B- and funk-tinged tracks, including one co-write with Taj Mahal. Cleary has also shared the album’s title track, which can be heard below.

“The idea for Dyna-Mite and the whole first verse came to me, unbidden and complete, on a plane as we were about to take off for an overseas tour,” says Cleary. “The rest of the song came pretty easily and I had in the back of my mind an image from an old gig poster on my wall of Etta James, billing her as ‘Li’l Miss Dyna-mite.’ I’ve wanted a new tune in the set that had that funky old Caribbean groove and we nailed it in the first take, live vocals and all.”

Pre-order Dyna-Mite here.