_Photo by Josh Timmermans, via Widespread Panic’s Instagram_

Widespread Panic kicked off the first Trondossa festival this weekend, playing four sets over two days and surprising fans with song debuts and special guests.

After a Saturday show featuring a “Ribs & Whiskey” opener and a lengthy set two “Surprise Valley”> “Red Hot Mama”> “Surprise Valley”> “Drums”> “Honey Bee” jam, the band proved the old adage “never miss a Sunday show.”

Much to the delight of the Spreadheads in attendance, Panic started off their Sunday with a slow “Porch Song” (last played in that style on 9/7/2014) and kept the surprises coming by ending the first half with a “Ride Me High”> “Come Together” segment featuring Sturgill Simpson.

By set two Widepread Panic had clicked into their highest gear, playing an “Arleen”> “Drums”> “Airplane” jam that led into the live debut of Col. Bruce Hampton’s “Trondossa” (the song that the entire festival was named after).

With no encore, the band closed out the second half with “Conrad,” featuring fireworks exploding overhead.

Check out the full setlists below:

Widespread Panic
May 5, 2018
Trondossa Riverfront Park North Charleston, SC

Set I: Ribs & Whiskey, Wondering, No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature, Proving Ground > Impossible > Proving Ground, Bust It Big, Jack, All Time Low

Set II: Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > Jam > Tie Your Shoes > Rock, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Surprise Valley > Red Hot Mama > Surprise Valley > Drums > Honey Bee, Imitation Leather Shoes

Source: panicstream.com

Widespread Panic
May 6, 2018
Trondossa Riverfront Park North Charleston, SC

Set I: Porch Song, Sundown Betty, Henry Parsons Died, Machine > Barstools & Dreamers, City of Dreams, Ride Me High* > Come Together**

Set II: Pleas > Chilly Water, Genesis, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Tall Boy, Arleen > Drums > Airplane > Trondossa^ > Conrad

*with Sturgill Simpson
^First time played

Source: panicstream.com