On April 11, drummer and Dead aficionado Joe Russo made an unannounced appearance at a tribute to late Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow.

The event was billed as an evening of “words, music and thought,” honoring Barlow’s legacy.

Scheduled performers included Singer Tyrone Cotton, percussionist Conrad Doucette (Takka Takka, Bob Weir), saxophonist Erik Lawrence (Levon Helm Band, Bob Weir), drummer/guitarist Johnny Markowski (New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Stir Fried), poet/actor Frank Messina (Boardwalk Empire), bassist Annie Nero (A Nero, Yellowbirds, Bob Weir), drummer/singer Ray Rizzo (Josh Ritter, Bob Weir) and keyboardist/singer Stephanie Sanders.

Russo joined in on Barlow-penned tunes like “Hell In A Bucket,” “Black Throated Wind” and “Estimated Prophet.” He also took on the exploratory “Drums”>“Space” segment, weaving his percussion into audio samples of Barlow speaking.

Check out the evening’s full setlist below:

Three Ring Bender Tribute to John Barlow
April 11, 2018
Threes Brewing, Brooklyn, NY

Moment of Silence, Reading of John Barlow’s “The 25 Principles of Adult Behavior”, Cassidy&, Mexicali Blues%, The Music Never Stopped^, Black Throated Wind&&, Estimated Prophet$, Drums>Space$$, My Brother Esau%%, Feel Like A Stranger&

^: Ray Rizzo, Annie Nero, Conrad Doucette
&: Jesse Lauter
%: Johnny Markowski
$: Joe Russo, Ray Rizzo
^^: Frank Messina, with “Lost Sailor” lyric reading
&&: Joe Russo, Conrad Doucette
$$: Joe Russo, with John Perry Barlow audio samples
%%: Tyrone Cotton