Nashville-based rockers Moon Taxi have announced today that they will be taking an indefinite hiatus from touring and recording to pursue another professional path: heading up an auto service in their hometown.

“Honestly, this whole music thing was always supposed to be a day-job, short-term kind of thing,” explains frontman Trevor Terndrup. “We really just did it to build brand awareness for what we hoped to do with the cars.”

“We first met back at Belmont due to our shared passion for the art of chauffeuring,” adds bassist Tommy Putnam. “After the group took off, there really wasn’t much time to drive strangers around. But when we finished up Let the Record Play, we made a pact that we would quit our day-band jobs and make a go of it.”

“I also just want to say,” Terndrup says, “we’re dedicating this endeavor to our good friend Ben Gibbard, who had a similar dream but never had the support to pursue what he loved. Although in retrospect, maybe Death Cab wasn’t the best name for what he had in mind. Anyhow, Ben, this one’s for you.”