_Wes Orshoski_

My Morning Jacket closed out their One Big Holiday destination event Monday night, completing their ambitious goal to recreate all of their studio LPs in the live setting.

Night one saw the band play their debut Tennessee Fire and 2001’s At Dawn, while night two saw the band dip into It Still Moves and Z.

By the time night three rolled around, fans in attendance knew the band would play the final three installments in their discography: 2008’s Evil Urges, 2011’s Circuital and 2015’s The Waterfall.

Set one kicked off with the aforementioned, Grammy-nominated Evil Urges, and featured touchstone tracks like “I’m Amazed” as well as long dormant tunes like “Thank You Too!” (last played 12/27/12) “Sec Walkin’” (last played 10/23/10) and “Two Halves” (last played 7/23/13).

Set two dove into Circuital, which was also nominated for a Grammy, and included epic MMJ tunes like “Victory Dance” and the self-titled “Circuital.” Finally, the band reached their most recent output The Waterfall, performing it in all of its psychedelic glory.

For their final encore of the weekend (their final encore for the foreseeable future) MMJ welcomed the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to accompany them on “Magic Bullet.” Released as a single in 2016, “Magic Bullet” was originally accompanied by an essay stating its intention as a call for peace in America.

“Violence is never the answer,” the band wrote. “Only love. We all need to be a part of the discussion. Part of the solution. How long will it take before we realize- we are all the same. This is not idealistic dreaming. This is a fact- we all want only to love and be loved. To nurture and protect those we love.”

Afterwards, the band reprised the event’s namesake song “One Big Holiday,” creating yet another memorable musical moment and a fitting departure for the Kentucky quintet.

My Morning Jacket announced in late 2017 that they would take a break from touring for much of 2018.

Check out a gallery of photos from this year’s One Big Holiday here, and read Monday’s full setlist below:

My Morning Jacket
March 5, 2018
One Big Holiday, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Set I: Evil Urges, Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 1, Highly Suspicious, I’m Amazed, Thank You Too!, Sec Walkin*, Two Halves***, Librarian, Look at You, Aluminum Park, Remnants, Smokin’ From Shootin’, Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2

Set II: Victory Dance, Circuital, The Day Is Coming, Wonderful (The Way I Feel), Outta My System, Holdin On to Black Metal, First Light, You Wanna Freak Out, Slow Slow Tune, Movin Away

Set III: Believe (Nobody Knows), Compound Fracture, Like a River, In Its Infancy (The Waterfall), Get the Point, Spring (Among the Living), Thin Line, Big Decisions, Tropics (Erase Traces), Only Memories Remain

Enc: Magic Bullet&, One Big Holiday&

*first since 27 Dec 2012
**first since 23 Oct 2010
***first since 23 Jul 2013
& – with Preservation Hall Jazz Band