Twiddle wrapped up a leg of their 2018 touring schedule this past weekend with a run of Northeast shows that featured several guests, including multiple collaborations with guitarist Grahame Lesh and members of his band Midnight North, who were opening for Twiddle at the gigs.

The bands rounded out the run on Saturday night with a show at The State Theater in Portland, ME, that saw Lesh and his Midnight North bandmates join the host group for an encore cover of the Grateful Dead’s Eyes of the World. Lesh also guested on the second-set-closing “Cabbage Face.”

The previous two nights, in Fairfield, CT, and Providence, RI, Lesh also joined Twiddle for a few tunes, including encores of Jimmy Cliff’s “The Harder They Come” on Thursday and Twiddle’s own “Hattis’ Jam” and “When It Rains It Pours” on Friday. Other guests throughout the three nights included Wiley Griffin, sometimes-Phish-collaborator Carl Gerhard, Steve Girardi and Spencer Zubrow.

See the show’s setlists below, and watch video of the full Fairfield show above.

The State Theater, Portland, ME

Set I: Nicodemus Portulay> Indigo Trigger> Classical Gas> Drifter> Classical Gas, Polluted Beauty

Set II: Five, Enter> Orlando’s, Glory> The Box, Brown Chicken Brown Cow*, Cabbage Face^

Enc: Eyes Of The World+

*w Alex and Pies
^w Grahame Lesh
+w Midnight North

The Strand Theatre, Providence, RI

Set I: Carter Candlestick> Jamflowman> Carter Candlestick, Every Soul*> Doinkinbonk!!!> Too Many Puppies> Doinkinbonk!!!

Set II: Blunderbuss, Amydst The Myst, Lost In The Cold^, New Sun, Syncopated Healing, Apples+

Enc: Hatti’s Jam^> When It Rains It Pours^

*w Spencer Zubrow
^w Graham Lesh
+w Carl Gerhard and Alex Jordan

The Warehouse, Fairfield, CT

White Light> BBQ> Atlantic Mocean> White Light, Gatsby The Great> Zazu’s Flight> Gatsby The Great, Mamunes The Faun*, Latin Tang^+, Subconscious Prelude#

Enc: The Harder They Come+#

*w Steve Girardi
^w Wiley Griffin
+w Alex Jordan
#w Grahame Lesh