The Grateful Dead subreddit continues its series of fan Q&A sessions—called Ask Me Anything (AMA)—this month with two more members of the greater Dead circle: musician, author and journalist David Gans, and activist/entertainer Wavy Gravy.

Along with creating his own music and covering the Dead, Gans co-hosts SiriusXM’s Tales From the Golden Road, hosts the radio show The Grateful Dead Hour, and authored the book Playing in the Band: An Oral and Visual Portrait of the Grateful Dead.

Wavy Gravy, real name Hugh Nanton Romney, has been a staple figure of the counterculture movement since the ’60s and co-founded the international blindness prevention non-profit Seva Foundation in 1978.

Gans’ AMA takes place February 20 at 6–7:30pm PST, while Gravy’s Q&A is set for February 23 at 6–8pm PST. Both can be found at the Grateful Dead subreddit.