A recently announced symposium will focus exclusively on jam music and culture, and they’re looking for your help.

Located in Burlington, Vt., Sharing in the Groove: Jam Music and Culture Through the Years will take place on April 21. It’s being co-produced by Relix contributor/scholar Isaac Slone and StatesirReal Projects. (Slone also produced a Grateful Dead symposium at NYU last June.)

For the uninitiated, a symposium typically acts as a meeting-of-the-minds—an open forum where ideas are exchanged and explored. Sharing in the Groove will examine all of the unique aspects of the jamband genre, from different eras of its history to technological advancements to personal narratives.

In an official statement, the event describes its goal as bringing “all aspects of the jam band world into focus. The day will analyze the evolution of jam music, both musically and culturally.”

Sharing in the Groove has put out an open call for participants. Anyone interested should email [email protected] with a 300-500 word abstract. The deadline is Feb. 19, 2018 and abstracts should include your name, affiliation, and contact information.