_Keith Griner_

Umphrey’s McGee’s new album it’s not us drops this Friday, January 12, and the band’s keyboardist Joel Cummins will help SiriusXM’s Jam On channel in premiering the record’s tracks this week.

Cummins will join Ari Fink in providing commentary on the entire album as the two walk through each it’s not us track together. UM’s Facebook announcement for the event also promises “(what better be) witty Joel Cummins banter.”

Cummins and Fink will play the album four times this week on Jam On (SiriusXM channel 29), starting today at noon ET. See the schedule below.

Joel Cummins & Ari Fink play it’s not us

January 8 12pm ET
January 9 6pm ET
January 10 8am, 10pm ET
January 11 2pm ET