Umphrey’s McGee will release their new studio album, it’s not us, on January 12, and the band has shared the latest track from the effort, “Looks,” today via Paste.

The song, written by Umphrey’s guitarist Jake Cinninger, features a jolting, percussive beat with lines of languid, spacious vocals tinged with reverb and a fiery solo from Cinninger himself to cap it off.

“‘Looks’ is an exploration of future metallic funk, with an undercurrent of uncertainty permeating throughout,” Cinninger tells Paste. “The track is about human misadventure, and the resulting bad behavior. It represents a peripheral vision for trouble. Sonically, we hope listeners recognize the fearless mashup of styles. The guitar solo at the end was actually the very first take I played, performed live while we were tracking the drums. It is not a typical Umphrey’s track … but then again, what is? Our formula is constant change, designed to keep us happy and forever moving forward as a band. It’s foreshadowing & reminiscing all in one.”

Listen to “Looks” below, via Paste.