Phish has offered its first hint about tonight’s New Year’s Eve gag at New York’s Madison Square Garden. A message sent out to fans who purchased tickets to the show explains:

You have been selected to ring in the new year as the first travelers to explore the universe by cosmic wristband. You’ll find this wristband when you arrive at your seat (or when you enter the venue for GA ticket holders). Please be considerate of other fans and take only the one wristband given to you.

The countdown has begun, and your vessel is about to embark on its voyage of discovery. Because of the incredible power of your wristband, your trip is short. Your wristband will not activate till close to midnight, so don’t worry if it’s not functioning yet when you first put it on… The closer you are standing to your actual seat at midnight, the better your wristband will work.

Throughout this week’s New Year’s Eve, Madison Square Garden has been decked out with an expanded light rig which lighting designer Chris Kuroda has taken advantage of since December 28. The rig is suspended over MSG’s floors as well as behind the band and in the venue’s rafters. Bassist Mike Gordon also posted an image of himself standing in front of huge blue balloons earlier today.