The members of the extended Tame Impala family will come together for a special Boxing Day show this evening, December 26. The event will take place at Perth’s Rosemount at 6pm. Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker will DJ at 10:30pm and the Tame brother Pond band will also offer a DJ set. (Jay Watson, Joe Ryan, Jamie Terry and James Ireland are the Pond members slated to appear.) Jennifer Aslett and Felicity Groom are also slated to DJ.

Parker has also offered a seasonal hymn to mark the occasion:

It is was day after Christmas and all through the pub. Not a creature was stirring … but then came the subs. The Pond humans in Christmas shirts and red tinsel belts. Had the funnest selections and the dance floor did melt Kevin Parker arrived in some kind of sleigh. And slay he did, every which way. But this was mainly for you, the dancers who dance. Smiling and dancing and dancing and dance

Tame Impala have been relatively quiet recently, but the group did issue an expanded version of its 2015 crossover LP Currents.