Arlo Gurthie will return to New York’s famed Carnegie Hall this Saturday for his annual Thanksgiving weekend performance. The upcoming show marks the 50th anniversary of Guthrie’s first appearance at Carnegie Hall and will also celebrate a half-century of his landmark album Alice’s Restaurant.

“We’ve done these shows at Carnegie Hall since the late 1960’s,” Gurthrie recently told Relix. “There are some years where we either didn’t perform around the Thanksgiving holiday, or simply had another gig somewhere else. But for the most part this particular Thanksgiving tradition was always a family event for us. For decades my wife, Jackie and I hauled the kids to NYC and did this gig, Most of all that time was with my dear old friend, Pete Seeger.”

This year’s performance is part of Guthrie’s current “Re:Generation Tour,” which features his children children Abe and Sarah Lee. In addition, Guthrie has confirmed that his other daughters Cathy and Annie Guthrie will take part in Saturday’s festivities. Terry A La Berry rounds out the night’s lineup.

“As the times changed, our audience changed also,” Gurthrie reflects. “Some years were more sparkling with a patriotic defiance than others, and some were like spending time with family and friends. Throughout it all there was, and continues to be a spirit of humanity that just won’t fade away. The hopes and dreams of generations trying to make the world a little better for everyone keeps going. I’m just happy to have been a part of it. It’s about time to hand those traditions to younger dreamers and hopers. I think they’ll handle it just fine.”