For three shows, Pink Talking Fish and Start Making Sense, a premier Talking Heads cover band, teamed up for three shows last week beginning in Syracuse and continuing to Jim Thorpe, PA and a finale in New York City.

Starting with the October 19 show in Syracuse, the two bands weaved together four sets of music with transitions between each set. Beginning with the first set, Eric Gould joined Start Making Sense on bass for “The Great Curve” which led into PTF’s first set of the night as they started with the same song. Their set closed with “Tube” featuring another full-band transition into the next Start Making Sense set.

For PTF’s final set of the night, they welcomed out Jon Braun and Jenny Founds on vocls for “What a Day That Was” towards the end of the show. Both bands then collaborated on an encore rendition of “Crosseyed and Painless.”

The following night at Penn’s Peak, the transitions and collaborations held true as PTF’s first set concluded with a transition out of “Cities” into Start Making Sense’s set which transitioned back with “Nothing But Flowers.” Pink Floyd’s “Young Lust” kicked it back to Start Making Sense before both bands collaborated in the encore for a “Burning Down the House” and “Tweezer Reprise” mashup.

To close their run together in New York City at Irving Plaza, Start Making Sense kicked off the night with a set that transitioned into PTF’s first via “Moon Rocks.” In the second set, Founds again joined PTF for “Great Gig in the Sky” before transitioning out of the “You Enjoy Myself” vocal jam. Both bands remained on stage for the “YEM” vocal jam” before Start Making Sense continued the set that featured a final transition out of “Nothing But Flowers.”

Again, Pink Talking Fish welcomed vocalist Jon Braun for “Have a Cigar” and “Found a Job” before the “Burning Down the House” and “Tweezer Reprise” mashup closed the show.