Jeremiah Lockwood will provide music for a pair of High Holiday services this week. The Sway Machinery guitarist will lead services alongside Rabbi Dan Ain and perform music from his 2016 Kol Nidre LP, including a steel guitar take on the album’s title track.

The services will take place at Brooklyn, NY’s Roulette on Friday, September 29 and an all-day Yom Kippur service at Brooklyn’s ShapeShifter Lounge on Saturday, September 30. Both services will feature traditional readings and prayers, plain-sense explanations of the religious aspects of the holiday, and a guided meditation. Organist Shoko Nagai, founding Sway Machinery drummer John Bollinger and jazz singer Fay Victor will join Lockwood for Friday’s Kol Nidre services while Saturday offerings will feature Nagai and a set of American religious music by The Fraternal Order of the Society Blues. The group includes members of American blues master Carolina Slim’s band, with whom Lockwood studied.

Kol Nidre boasts a blues twist on traditional Kol Nidre music as well as some additional songs that echo the feel of the days of the day of atonement and repentance. Those tracks include:
“Kol Nidre, No. 3,” “Ribono Shel Olam,” “Everybody’s Got to Be Tried,” “Revive the Dead,” “Kedusha,” “Kol Nidre, No. 2,” “Lechu Neranena,” “Avinu Malkeynu Z’khor,” “Birkas Kohanim,” “Unasaneh Tokef” and a field recording of “Kol Nidre, No. 1.” n Bollinger back Lockwood throughout the spiritual collection.