The Who’s Pete Townshend revealed in a pair of posts on Facebook that he will be taking a year sabbatical from music following the conclusion of his Classic Quadrophenia tour that stretches into October.

“This has been a varied year for me,” Townshend said while also revealing that he recently married. “A lot of the usual things happening, and there are many new things a fairly long way int he future for me.”

He added that a year off “is really necessary for me. I so desperately need to do something new and different—and yet I don’t really have a plan for what I might do. It will emerge I suppose.”

Townshend also addressed his current view of playing with The Who, saying, “The obvious problem for me working in The Who is that I am constantly playing music I wrote a long time ago – most of it over 35 years ago. I’m lucky in many ways, but there is little piece of me that has an unusually loud voice.”