Though The Nth Power usually performs as a quartet, the band is now trying out a new power trio format for their tour dates, drummer Nikki Glaspie revealed in a new interview with JamBase.

The change comes from keyboardist Courtney Je’mell Smith’s obligations as a songwriter and musical director for his church, which he is focusing on more recently. The rest of the band–Glaspie, bassist Nate Edgar and guitarist Nick Cassarino–first tried to use a replacement on keys but soon decided that the feel of a trio fit their music better.

“When the gig happened, the audience reaction was really what sparked the idea,” Glaspie explains. “We enjoyed it, just playing the songs we believe in. We’re out here trying to spread love, man. Especially now.”

Glaspie says that Smith will join the band for select dates, including at Suwannee Hulaween, in Australia and during the group’s Bob Marley tributes, but otherwise the band will play out as a trio.

Read the full interview, where Glaspie also discusses her various ongoing projects and collaborations, here.