Earlier today, LCD Soundsystem released a new song entitled “pulse (v.1),” a sprawling 14-minute instrumental that isn’t included on their impending new album American Dream, due out tomorrow.

James Murphy took to Facebook to explain the reason for releasing the song and explaining its origins, saying it was meant as an addendum to the band’s return album. “I really, really like this track,” Murphy said of the tune that emerged as an improvisation with LCD member Gavin Russom.

“[The song] wound up developing into something else entirely with Pat, Al and Nancy and Korey plaing congas. There was even more development which isn’t included in this version, but that’s for future iterations.”

Read Murphy’s full thoughts below.

hi everybody. the record comes out tomorrow (well, tonight at midnight wherever you are) and last night at midnight we shared an extra track for the LP called pulse (v.1). it’s not precisely part of the record, but it’s an addendum (or maybe a codicil?) meant to go after the last track, black screen.

there are a few reasons for this: one, pulse wouldn’t fit on the vinyl, so i didn’t include it there (i think we’ll put together a 12” with the other versions of pulse when there’s a moment, but that won’t be quick… tour and all.) and two, i really, really like this track.

this track began as a weird and fun synth collaboration between the amazing gavin russom and i on some very weird machines, and wound up developing into something else entirely, with pat and al and nancy, and korey playing congas. there was even more development which isn’t included in this version, but that’s for future iterations. tyler was in berlin, unfortunately. but there will be other versions.

it’s a mix that we did a long time ago after the first session of the track, and it’s grown on me as a track to listen to after the LP. it’s super wonky, and i really didn’t want to square the human-ness off of it, but just let it be what it is. so you don’t have to tell me that it sounds super fucked up. i know.

anyway, we figured the best thing to do was just give it away for free. sure, you can still get it on various platforms, and it’ll be on the streaming service things, but you can also just go to the lcd homepage and get it for free.

_and there you have it.