For the next release from Dave Matthews Band’s fan club The Warehouse will feature a few selections as voted on by the fans.

The band’s fan club opened the voting to fans for the upcoming Warehouse release, presenting 20 songs pulled from the band’s extensive touring history as well as a write-in option.

Among the highlights, an early version of “Tripping Billies” from 1993 as well as an early 1995 rendition of “Ants Marching.” The Crash rarity “Drive In Drive Out” is also pulled from 1997 while the rest of the cuts come after the turn of the century. Among them, “Angel” from 2001 featuring the Lovely Ladies, the famed April 4, 2002 “Pig” which found the song played for the first time since 1999.

There are also a number of tunes featuring various incarnations of the band’s lineup, including keyboardist Butch Taylor and original sax player LeRoi Moore as well as the modern configuration with Rashawn Ross, Tim Reynolds and Jeff Coffin.

Voting is only open to members of The Warehouse.