Phish continued their Baker’s Dozen run with a “jam-filled” night as the show certainly reflected the theme of the evening as the group delivered massive versions of rarely jammed songs.

Among them, the opening “Sample in a Jar,” which kicked off what would become a five-song first set, the band’s fist since August 9, 2004. “Sample” was stretched outside of its song structure briefly before giving way to the night’s highlight, “Lawn Boy.”

After Page McConnell serenaded the crowd, he signaled a jam on his keytar before returning to his staton for a sprawling, 30-minute surprise version of the song. The jam featured nearly every aspect of Phish’s improv repertoire from a a funk and ambient section to a soaring rock crescendo led by Trey Anastasio.

The theme of the set continued as “My Friend, My Friend” once again was given a rare moment of improv before two jammier staples closed the set, an energetic, soaring “Stash” and a smooth “Bathtub Gin.”

While the first set spanned just five songs, the second would wrap up in seven but not without a fair share of long jams including the opening “Fuego” where the band used the end of the song as their jumping off point. Mike Gordon utilized the drill, signaling a lengthy ambient space jam before giving way to “Thread.”

The brief original was simply a quick breath before the staple of the set, a 33-minute “Crosseyed & Painless” heavy on funk grooves led by Jon Fishman and Mike Gordon before an anthemic peak delivered by Anastasio. The back half of the jam figured to find its way into “2001,” as the band build up a dark, spacey soundscape to complement the previous section.

Phish brought the energy up with a playful “Makisupa Policeman” that quoted Marley’s “Jammin’” as another nod to the night’s theme before another surprise on the night, the debut of Story of the Ghost track “End of Session” prior to the closing duo—“Tuesday” and “Cavern.”

In the encore, Phish brought it all the way back to the landmark “Lawn Boy” by once again welcoming McConnell to the spotlight following “Julius” for the first ever reprise of the song.

Phish return to the stage tonight.

Here’s a look at the setlist:

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Set I: Sample in a Jar, Lawn Boy, My Friend, My Friend, Stash, Bathtub Gin

Set II: Fuego > Thread > Crosseyed and Painless > Makisupa Policeman > End of Session > Tuesday > Cavern

Enc: Julius > Lawn Boy