Next week, The People’s Silent Protest Art Walk will come to New York City’s Bryant Park, celebrating 100 years to the day since the silent protest parade organized by W.E.B. Du Bois and the NAACP.

In 1917, 10,000 African American citizens banded together for a peaceful march to demand equal justice, a direct response to that year’s East St. Louis riots. Now, a group of artists, activists and more will once again come together for another peaceful call to action.

“The rhetoric and vitriol of the current administration insults, demonizes, and threatens many of us–immigrants of all statuses and religious faiths, people of color and those that identify LGBTQIA, women and those with disabilities,” the event’s official statement reads.“We invite all communities that have been impacted to join us as we demand to be allowed to live with dignity and without fear.”

Learn more about The People’s Silent Protest Art Walk, which is set for July 28, here.