Thursday night at Rusty’s Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier, guitarist Duane Betts and his fellow Pistoleers guitarist Johnny Stachela joined the rhythm section of Gov’t Mule- drummer Matt Abts and bassist Jorgen Carlsson- forming the quartet, Bando. Throughout the summer, the historic ocean boardwalk hosts free Thursday night concerts on its planks. With an empty post-holiday date on the calendar, Rusty’s offered its own free show, bringing the four together for this unique one-off. Bando played a near two-hour set mostly of covers, ranging from Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones to a pair of classics from The Allman Brothers Band. Betts and Stachela alternated vocals much of the night, with Stachela taking on Hendrix with “Spanish Castle Magic” and several blues standards, while Betts offered the Stones’ “Silver Train” and two originals, including “Taking Time.” The pair of guitarists extended solos on nearly every entry, including over fifteen-minute versions of the Allman’s “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” and a closing “Whipping Post.”