The local Charlottesville community has been the center of a number of racially-charged incidents since the city ruled to remove a Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee.

On Twitter, Dave Matthews Band’s Boyd Tinsley said “it’s utterly disgusting that a city as kind and as loving as Charlottesville has to bear this. The way we deal with it is through showing up in force to the unity rally and concert at the downtown pavilion.”

Tinsley will bring his new project Crystal Garden to Charlottesville’s downtown pavilion for a show beginning at 2 PM tomorrow. “The way to rid ourselves of this darkness is to show our love and to not be dragged down into the pit of negativity,” Tinsley wrote.

The University of Virginia is also speaking out on the KKK protests, with president Teresa Sullivan said, “There is irony in the timing of the KKK rally, which falls only four days after Independence Day, when we celebrate our nation’s hard-won freedom and our founding belief that all people are created equal and entitled to unalienable human rights. As a community, let’s remain confident that the voice of justice and equality will drown out the voice of hatred in the end.”