On Friday night at the Maine State Pier in Portland, ME, founding Disco Biscuits drummer Sam Altman returned to the stage with the group during the second set for “Munchkin Invasion.” Last night the band returned to the venue and so did Dr. Altman (he left the band in 2006 to pursue his medical degree). This time the drummer joined in for Pink Floyd’s “Run Like Hell,” a longtime Biscuits staple during the second set. The Disco Biscuits will perform at Chillicothe, IL’s Summer Camp festival today.

Last night’s setlist appears below, drawn from our Box Scores section.

The Disco Biscuits
Maine State Pier, Portland, ME

Set I: Hope > Pilin’ it Higher > Svenghali (ending only), Spraypaint Victory > The Very Moon > Spraypaint Victory

Set II: Spectacle, Catalyst > The Great Abyss > Run Like Hell* > And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night (ending)

Enc: Highwire > Run Like Hell

Notes: *with Sam Altman on drums

Source: https://www.facebook.com/discobiscuits