The Zappa Family Trust is partnering with Universal Music to rerelease a large number of rare and limited recordings of Frank Zappa, with some albums receiving their digital and streaming debuts.

The 24 albums are taken from various points of Zappa’s career and include his 100th release, Dance Me This and the live record Roxy By Proxy, both of which have never been available for download or streaming. All of the albums, listed below, will be available for download and streaming internationally on March 24, with physical releases available on April 28.

All albums can be pre-ordered here.

Frank Zappa 2017 Rereleases

A Token Of His Extreme (Zappa Records, 2013) CD

Buffalo (Vaulternative Records, 2007) 2CD

Carnegie Hall (Vaulternative Records, 2011) 4CD

Civilization Phaze III (Barking Pumpkin, 1994) 2CD

Congress Shall Make No Law…(Zappa Records, 2010) CD

Dance Me This (Zappa Records, 2015) CD

Everything Is Healing Nicely (Barking Pumpkin, 1999) CD

Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison (Zappa Records, 2011) CD

Frank Zappa Plays The Music of Frank Zappa (Barking Pumpkin, 1996) CD

FZ: OZ (Vaulternative Records, 2002) 2CD

Greasy Love Songs (Zappa Records, 2010) CD

Hammersmith Odeon (Zappa Records, 2010) 3CD

Imaginary Diseases (Zappa Records, 2006) CD

Joe’s Camouflage (Vaulternative Records, 2014) CD

Joe’s Corsage (Vaulternative Records, 2004) CD

Joe’s Domage (Vaulternative Records, 2004) CD

Joe’s Menage (Vaulternative Records, 2008) CD

Joe’s Xmasage (Vaulternative Records, 2005) CD

MOFO (Zappa Records, 2006) 2CD

One Shot Deal (Zappa Records, 2008) CD

Philly ’76 (Vaulternative Records, 2009)

Roxy By Proxy (Zappa Records, 2014) CD

The Dub Room Special (Zappa Records, 2007) CD

WAZOO (Vaulternative Records, 2007) 2CD