My Morning Jacket continued their One Big Holiday event with a headlining set after the Super Bowl last night where they were joined by longtime friends Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Lucius throughout.

The collaborations started with a callback to 2014’s edition of One Big Holiday as Preservation Hall joined in on Chuck Berry’s “You Can Never Tell,” a popular cover in the Jerry Garcia Band repertoire as well. Pres Hall and Lucius teamed up on a debut rendition of Ray Charles’ “Night Time is the Right Time” before the ladies of Lucius aided Jim James on Pink Floyd’s “Mother” and MMJ’s own “Wonderful (The Way I Feel).”

After paying tribute to Prince the night before with “Purple Rain,” it was time for a David Bowie tribute as Preservation Hall added to “Rebel Rebel” prior to the “Run Thru” set closer. Seemingly switching back and forth between guests, the encore started with Lucius on vocals for the swirly “Wordless Chorus” and Circuital‘s weirdo-rocker “Holdin’ On to Black Metal.”

Prince got his due later on as Lucius stayed out for “Sign O’ The Times” before Pres Hall added to the funky “Highly Suspicious” and all guests emerged to kickstart a singalong finale of The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love.”

Here’s a look at the setlist:

My Morning Jacket
One Big Holiday, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Tropics (Erase Traces), Off the Record, Outta My System, It Beats 4 U, A New Life, You Can Never Tell*, Night and Day**, Easy Morning Rebel, Dondante > Mother***, Wonderful (The Way I Feel)***, Anytime, Rebel Rebel*, Run Thru

Enc: Wordless Chorus***, Holdin’ On to Black Metal***, Sign O The Times***, Highly Suspicious*, Gideon, All You Need is Love**

Notes: *w/Preservation Jazz Hall Band **w/Pres Hall & Lucius ***w/Lucius