Several of the main organizers and overseers involved with the lead up and execution of this past summer’s Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well reunion will come together to discuss the landmark event for the 12th annual Billboard Touring Conference.

The discussions, called “The Golden Road to Fare Thee Well,” will take place at New York’s Roosevelt Hotel on November 18-19 and will be hosted by Billboard news director Shirley Halperin. Slated to join in on the conversation are Barry Drinkwater, CEO of Global Merchandising Services, the company that handled the merch at Fare Thee Well, Eric Greenspan, the lawyer who represented the Grateful Dead for the event, Soldier Field general manager Tim LeFevour, Mike Luba of Madison House Presents, director of ticketing Cole Marley and DayGlo Ventures founder and Relix publisher Peter Shapiro.

Shapiro, who Billboard calls “the man largely credited as the driving force in reuniting the Dead for these record-breaking shows,” spoke to the publication about the upcoming panel, saying “Putting on the Fare Thee Well shows was a long, complicated, passionate process that was, ultimately, the best experience of my career. I look forward to discussing what it took to make this giant event come to life.”

Register now for the event at Billboard‘s website.