Bob Weir with members of The National and Yellowbirds. Photo by Dave Vann

The National guitarist Aaron Dessner will appear on Bob Weir’s forthcoming album. As Weir revealed in the July/August issue of Relix, he is deep in the process of recording an album of cowboy songs with a diverse cast of musicians such as Josh Ritter, Yellowbirds multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman, The National bassist Scott Devendorf, The Walkmen multi-instrumentalist Walter Martin and Furthur drummer Joe Russo. Weir also mentions that he plans to weave in members of his Marin County community. The Grateful Dead guitarist is working on the project in both California and Upstate New York.

Dessner recently posted a picture of himself, Weir and Kaufman recording in Woodstock, NY. Weir first collaborated with Kaufman, Martin, Devendorf and Dessner at a 2012 HeadCount benefit held at his own TRI Studios. The members of The National are also currently working on an expansive Grateful Dead tribute of their own.