Josh Ritter spoke with NPR about his new record Sermon on the Rocks and also dished on an upcoming record he has in the works with Bob Weir and The Yellowbirds’ Josh Kaufman.

“[Kaufman’s] working with Bob Weir on a record of cowboy songs that I’ve been writing,” Ritter said.

In the recent issue of Relix, Weir expanded on the project. “the idea came from Josh Kaufman and his circle of friends, particularly Josh Ritter. It’s, for the most part, all new songs. I’ve been working with Josh Ritter a fair bit on some ideas, and I’m going to also drag in John Barlow and Gerrit Graham as well.”

Ritter also described working with Weir, saying, “I have no words to describe what an honor and privilege it is getting to work with one of the defining figures in American music. Bob Weir’s voice is like a lion, his bearing is wise. Being in the room with him is like being on the range somewhere in Wyoming. He expands the space he’s in until it’s all big-sky country. I hope that I managed to get some of that big sky into these songs, but if I didn’t, Bob will.”