It’s no secret that John Mayer and Bob Weir have spent some time together recently, but now Billboard is reporting that a fall tour featuring the two guitarists could take place. While a rep told Billboard that it’s “premature” to suggest any such outing is being planned, another source told the publication that “it sounds like RatDog, the sequel.”

Billboard reports that the tour is slated to kick off in October and Mayer has been jamming with Weir in a “rehearsal-like setting.” Read the full description from the article below.

Speaking to multiple sources, Billboard has learned that a fall tour featuring John Mayer is in the works. According to insiders, the trek is due to kick off in October, with the Grammy-winning singer and guitarist having already begun to jam in a rehearsal-like setting with select members of the group, chief among them Weir. Observers say he’s ecstatic about the prospect. A rep for the band tells Billboard that it’s “premature” to suggest any such outing is being planned.

Weir recently visited with Mayer when he filled in for Craig Ferguson as a guest host on The Late Late Show. The two collaborated musically, along with an interview, for renditions of “Truckin’” and “Althea.” They were also both recently spotted hanging out at Coachella watching Ryan Adams’ set.