Ari Hest, Julian Velard, Toby Lightman, Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister), Rosi Golan, Allie Moss (Ingrid Michaelson) Jamie McClean (Brett Dennen/Dirty Dozen Brass Band/Jamie McLean Band) and Chrissi Poland (Scissor Sisters/Bette Midler) are among the special guests slated to perform at The Jewbadours’ The Last Schmaltz this evening. The performance, which will feature hits and lesser known classics of the late ’70s and early ’80s through the prism of the New York Jewish experience, will take place at New York’s Highline Ballroom this evening. Other confirmed guests include: Amanda Brown (_The Voice_ /Michael Bolton) Colin Smith Wes Hutchinson (The Candles).

A description of the performance reads:

Huddled around an AM radio on the fire escape of a fifth floor walk-up, native New Yorkers Ariel Hammerstein and Yakob Veivelman grew up obsessed with the smooth sounds of the post-disco, pre-new wave era. Completely devoted to this hallmark era of pop music, it’s their life’s mission to bring the hits and lesser-known classics of the late ’70s and early ’80s back to the masses. Their catalog is a virtual A to Z of the Billboard charts from three and half decades past: Ambrosia to Xanadu, all interpreted through the prism of the New York Jewish experience. During the holiday season (while visiting their mothers in Westchester), The Jewbadours hold their annual “farewell” performance known as The Last Schmaltz. Backed by a 8-piece band of NYC’s finest semitic sidemen known as The Full Minyan Band, The Last Schmaltz is a celebration of guilty pleasures from past.

The show will also coincide with the last night of Hanukkah