ESPN’s Around the Horn and Umphrey’s McGee recently collaborated on a new theme song for the show (watch above) and in a new interview with ESPN Front Row, Joel Cummins spoke on how the collaboration came about.

“Back in 2010, [producer] Aaron Solomon reached out and invited Umphrey’s McGee to come by the show and watch everything unfold live,” Cummins said. “Aaron was a fan of the band, so we took up his gracious offer and a couple of us made the trip to the studio. We immediately hit it off with both Aaron and Tony and had some great conversations about music, sports, but most memorably fantasy football.”

Cummins said to get the feel of the song, the band recreated something they had done live a few years ago. The keyboardist says the band “changed a few small things to give it a little more pop” to create a “funkier, hipper vibe than what they currently had going on.”

“Without a doubt a career highlight,” Cummins added. “Albeit in a much different sense than a live show. Many of the guys are huge sports fans. We were fans of Around the Horn long before we ever stepped into the studio.”