Grammy award-winning group Snarky Puppy revealed, in great detail, what they plan to accomplish in 2015 with an extensive post on their Facebook page. For starters, the group will release every one of their albums on vinyl, one at a time, in reverse order with new artwork and remastered sound. Snarky Puppy will also record Family Dinner: Volume Two in New Orleans before Mardi Gras with a variety of special guests. An official announcement is expected in the coming weeks.

In addition, the band’s live album/DVD with The Metropole Orchestra will see a major label release in April and they will also tour together in 2015. An original, guest-free album is also in the works as well as solo albums from “almost half” of the band members.

The sacrifice in all of this recording and releasing is that they will play less shows next year, however the band says they expect to hit North and South America along with Asia, Australia and Europe before the end of the year.

Here’s the full post in its entirety:

1. We are incrementally releasing every single one of our albums on vinyl, one at a time, in reverse order, with new artwork to fit the format. We are currently in the mastering process for “We Like It Here,” and we’ll work our way back to the beginning from there. In addition, all future albums will be released on vinyl as well as on disc. We’ll be selling a custom receptacle as well so you can start building a box set if you like.

2. We’ll be recording “Family Dinner – Volume Two” in New Orleans, Louisiana, the weekend before Mardi Gras. February 12, 13, & 14. The guests for this album are unbelievable. We’ll make an official announcement within the next month with the list of artists and the ticket link. Tickets will most likely go within about 48 hours of announcement, so be sure to keep an eye on our social media outlets.

3. Our live album/DVD with The Metropole Orchestra will be released in April on a major label (our first non-independent release) that I grew up loving. Tour dates with the orchestra are in the process of being booked.

4. In August, we’ll be coming back “home” to Dallas to record a guest-free (as in musical guests, don’t worry, we’ll have audience with us as usual) Snarky Puppy album of new original music. This will be released alongside a documentary that I’m making about Texas musicians.

5. We’re playing less live shows next year than the previous 2 years (it would be difficult to play more) in order to make time for recording and mixing and video editing and film-making, but we’re still planning to hit North America, South America (hopefully 4-5 countries), Asia, Australia, and Europe (sorry, penguins) before the end 2015.

6. Almost half of the guys in the band will be releasing solo albums and touring accordingly. There’s a lot of beautiful music being outside of Snarky Puppy by the dudes in Snarky Puppy. You all are really wonderful about supporting them (as Bill Laurance is finding out right now), so thank you for that.