Former Grateful Dead manager Richard Loren will release his memoir, High Notes: A Rock Memoir: Working with Rock Legends Jefferson Airplane Through The Doors to the Grateful Dead, in November. The book, which features a forward by David Grisman, recalls Loren’s journey through the turbulent era of rock’s ascendancy.

““The sixties were an immense concentration of cultural energies, bursting with incredible artists and music,” says Loren. “The seeds of the anti-war, civil rights and women’s movement were all planted in the sixties. We were young and idealistic and these powerful movements united us all. It was a time during which we all shared love, compassion and hope, as we experienced successes and failures in trying to understand life’s truths.”

High Notes, which was written in conjunction with Stephen Abney, is broken up into four sections:

Part One: New York City – My life with Jefferson Airplane, The Doors and the Chambers Brothers

Part Two: Stinson Beach, California – David Grisman, the Rowan Brothers, Garcia-Saunders, Old and in the Way

Part Three: The Grateful Dead – Politics, Grateful Dead Movie, Garcia Bands, Egypt, Saturday Night Live, Alaska, Radio City Music Hall

Part Four: The Grateful Dead Merry-Go-Round – Germany, Mississippi River Boat, Watch the River Flow, Sirens of Titan, Garcia-Grisman.