HeadCount have announced a new partnership with iCitizen, a civic engagement app that uses mobile technology to promote civic engagement. The two entities will join forces through a combined and co-branded presence at music festivals, concerts and other events, with a goal of registering voters, facilitating non-partisan issue education and mobilizing people to engage the political system.

HeadCount and iCitizen will host fan experiences that will feature a variety of activities and amenities, such as photo contests, charging stations, wireless internet, comfortable seating and more. Representatives from both HeadCount and iCitizen will be present to help with voter registration and demonstrate the capabilities of the iCitizen platform.

“This year marks HeadCount 10th Anniversary, and we’ve reached millions of people through our efforts to register voters and promote democratic participation,” said HeadCount Executive Director Andy Bernstein.“We see the opportunity to partner with iCitizen as a way to extend our efforts even further through the use of technology that can truly make the voices of citizens heard, not only during elections, but also in between election cycles.”