Howlin’ Rain will release Live Rain, their first-ever live album, in the United States on April 29 via Silver Current Records. The double album features a number of tracks that were recorded at various concerts during the band’s 2012 worldwide tour in support of The Russian Wilds, including a 11+ minute version of “Self Made Man.” The band’s lineup for the shows featured Ethan Miller (lead singer, songwriter and guitarist), Isaiah Mitchell (guitar and backing vocals), Cyrus Comiskey (bass and backing vocals) and Raj Ojha (drums).

Live Rain was recorded by David Streit, mixed by Tim Green and produced by Ethan P. Miller. In addition to the double LP, a cassette version, CD package and digital download will also be available. 

Live Rain tracklist:

Side 1
Phantom In The Valley (8:45)
Self Made Man (11:04)

Side 2
Can’t Satisfy Me Now (8:45)
Beneath Wild Wings (4:19)
Lord Have Mercy (7:50)

Side 3
Hung Out In The Rain (6:07)
Calling Lightning Pt. 2 (8:16)
Dancers At The End Of Time (5:53)

Side 4
Roll On The Rusted Days (7:49)