Lockn’ Festival co-founder Dave Frey hosted a Q&A session on the event’s Facebook page earlier today. A few of his responses contained some revelations, which we’ve gathered here:

When asked if Neil Young & Crazy Horse would be performing at this year’s Lockn’, Frey replied:

We’ve made a very aggressive offer for Neil Young & Crazy Horse to return, and hopefully play this time. Crazy Horse has confirmed dates in Europe prior to our dates and Neil has confirmed Farm Aid a week afterward. We are hopeful that Neil decides to do this again. Therefore we’re going to wait as long as it takes for him to let us know.

When asked a similar question about Umphrey’s McGee, the answer was:

Love the Umph, we’re talking to the Umph

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like an appearance by Phish is likely for this year’s Lockn’. When asked about the Vermont quartet, Frey replied:

I’ve been involved with promoting Phish on and off over the years since 1989 when I promoted shows in NY for Ron Delsener. To their credit, Phish are all about the Phish experience. A girl can dream though…

Frey also hinted that the String Cheese Incident would be teaming up with another artist in a manner similar to last year’s Zac Brown Incident. When asked if there will be “another artist incident with string cheese,” the response was:

There’d better be.

Frey also addressed a number of other concerns, most notably those related to last year’s opening day traffic issues, saying:

I am confident from our after action review and meetings with VDOT and State Police that we will not have the problems we had last year. Last year we asked traffic authorities to deliver everybody to one area where they could be processed. That didn’t happen. This year, we are told that traffic authorities WILL deliver everybody to one area. Therefore, we will have the people and the infrastructure at the areas where the people are delivered to process them.

Other takeaways:

– More artists will be added to the lineup this month

– There will be more porta-pottie clean up crews and a number of other infrastructure improvements.

– The festival may or may not announce the lineup for the late-night Triangle Stage in advance, but they definitely will “do a much better job of letting people know where it is, and help them get there.”

– Single-day passes will go on sale if Lockn’ has not sold out by mid-August

As previously reported, The Allman Brothers, Phil Lesh and Friends (two nights), Widespread Panic (two nights), The String Cheese Incident (two nights) and Bob Weir & RatDog (two nights) are already confirmed for this year’s Lockn’ Festival, which is set to take place September 4-7 at the Oak Ridge Farm in Arrington ,VA.

Tickets to festival are available here, and you can view Frey’s Q&A responses here.