Donna Jean Godchaux McKay and David McKay’s Muscle Shoals, AL-based label Heart of Gold Records has signed a digital music distribution deal with The Orchard, a company that works with independent records labels. The Orchard will now distribute music that was previously released under the label, as well as all of their new albums. Heart of Gold’s next release will be Donna Jean Godchaux Band with Jeff Mattson’s forthcoming album Back Around, which will be available in February.

Albums in the Heart of Gold catalog include:

Donna Jean Band  – Donna Jean Band (1998 )
Heart of Gold Band – At the Table (2004)
Boombox  –  Visions of Backbeat ( 2005 ) Down River Electric (2010)
Fiddleworms  – Year of the Cock (2005) Live Bait (2007) Volkswagen Catfish (2008) See The Light (2012)
For Rex – The Black Tie Dye Ball – (2006)
Donna Jean and the Tricksters –   (2008)
Grown Folks Band – Two. Five. Sicks. (2009)
Donna Jean Godchaux Band with Jeff Mattson – Back Around (2014) NEW RELEASE FEBRUARY 2014