New Orleans’ Earphunk notified fans today that their van was vandalized on their way to their show tonight in St. Louis, MO. Among the property stolen were three computers, an iPad, a guitar, money and personal belongings. To help raise money to replace the equipment, the band created a Digital Tip Jar for donations as they continue with their tour.

Earphunk posted this message to fans on the Digital Tip Jar website:

Dear all phunksters…we are sad to inform you that our van was broken into last night and robbed. Three computers, an iPad, a guitar, gig money, many personal belongings including car keys and clothes etc.. were all stolen. The estimated cost of everything stolen is around $9,000. Each one of these computers were not only used for producing and recording our music, but also used as instruments in our performances. This is very upsetting to us as you can imagine. Therefore, we are kindly asking for your help. We have created a digital tip jar to raise funds to purchase back the stolen goods. Our only goal in this world is to bring the phunk to anyone and everyone who’s willing to get down with us, and your donations will allow us to continue to do just that! If you have the ability to donate any amount whether it be $5, $20, $50, or $100 it would be a huge help to us. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you decide to donate, thank you very much!!